Frequently Asked Questions about ESTA Amerika

Many people have lots of questions about the ESTA Visa. Before we provide you answers for all Frequently Asked Questions about the ESTA visa, it is essential to know a little detail about the ESTA visa.

What is ESTA Visa?

ESTA visa is a simple visa protocol offered by the USA, under which you can get Visa approval for a short trip to the USA. The ESTA application and visa approval are not for all nations. But, it is for a few nations. So, if you plan a short vacation or trip to the US, the ESTA Visa can be one of the most convenient options. This article will try to answer some of the most asked questions about ESTA visa applications.

What is the full form of ESTA?

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It is a short-term visa system introduced by the US government in the year 2009.

Can a third party fill out my ESTA application?

Yes, a third party can easily fill out your ESTA form for you. Since the ESTA visa applications are available online, anyone from your family and friends can fill your application on your behalf. Just make sure that all information entered in the application is correct, and no false information is used.

Can I extend ESTA?

No, it is not possible at all to extend the ESTA. But, you can renew the ESTA visa. The visa under ESTA is valid for two years only from the date of issue. To renew your ESTA, you can fill the new ESTA application.

Can I get an ESTA at the arrival airport?

No, you can’t get ESTA at the airport. The application process for ESTA won’t take more than 15-minutes. In addition to this, the visa will be delivered within 72 hours in an online mode. So, why wait to land at the airport to get the visa?

Can I extend my ESTA while I am staying in the US?

When you are traveling to the US on an ESTA and if you know that it is going to expire, try to renew the ESTA because the visa can’t be extended.

With all these frequently asked questions busted, we hope you have received enough information about the ESTA Amerika. For your next vacation in the US, try to get an ESTA visa conveniently. Let us know if you need any additional details. We will be more than happy to help.

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