Important Details About USA ESTA

The US has a Visa Waiver Program or VWP under which residents from participating member countries can travel to the US on the ESTA Amerika program. Here are few more details of the USA ESTA approval system.

What is ESTA?

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It is an approval process that can be applied for using the online medium. The authorization applies only to citizens of member countries traveling to the US using the VWP program. Residents from the participating countries cn travel to the US either for leisure or business and stay in the US for 90 days. The best thing about the visa program is that travelers do not require a visa to travel to the US. ESTA is an online portal that is directly managed by US Customs and Border Protection or CBP.

What Are The Requirements Of USA ESTA?

1. The first criterion is that the person should be a citizen or a resident of aaa VWP-designated nation. Some of these countries are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland. Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, and more.

2. The traveler needs to have a valid ESTA before taking the flight or ship.

3. ESTA Amerika has a validity of about two years.

4. You need to renew the ESTA if you have a new passport, changed your name, and changed your gender or citizenship.

5. It would be best if you had a passport that is valid for at least six months.

6. If your family is traveling with you, you need to ensure that every member, including infants, have their passport.

7. It would help if you also had an e-passport. The E-passport is a secured form of a paper passport that comes with an embedded electronic chip.

8. The e-passport should be compliant with the Standards defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO.

There are certain restrictions too. For example, you wish to apply for a visitor (B) visa; you will not be eligible to travel via the VWP. If you fly using a private carrier or fly using a non-VWP-approved flight or ship, you will not be eligible for USA ESTA. Additionally, if you plan to stay in the US for more than 90 days, you cannot travel on ESTA approval – you need to apply for a visa.

It is vital to hire a professional visa consultant’s services so that you do not face any difficulty in obtaining USA ESTA.

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